Qasim Will Start His Career at MathWorks

Qasim has accepted a Full-Time job offer from MathWorks. He will join MathWorks’s Engineering Development Group (EDG) after his graduation in May 2020. As an application support engineer, he will help customers solve complex technical problems using MATLAB and Simulink. He will also work with various internal teams on software development projects.  His MS research […]

Min-Hsiu Will Start His Internship at iRobot

Min-Hsiu received an internship offer from iRobot and will join iRobot as a Data Science intern in 2020 summer. He will conduct research projects on predictive maintenance of robot vacuums, which is closely related to the field of data science, machine learning, and predictive analytics. The projects are aiming to provide novel solutions for the […]

Yuhang Will Start His Internship at Facebook

Yuhang has received and accepted an internship offer from Facebook in this coming summer. He will work with the “Probability” team to conduct engineering projects and cutting-edge research in the fields of machine learning, Bayesian statistics, and stochastic optimization and build the next generation of machine learning systems behind Facebook’s products that can scale through […]