We are dedicated to educating and training next-generation manufacturing engineers via a variety of education and outreach activities. In addition to offering real-world manufacturing education in the classroom, we work with our collaborators from both industry and academia to provide training, workshop, etc. on the factory floor, on the Internet, and during various events. An overview of these activities is shown below (Check marks “✓” indicate ongoing activities.).

Past outreach activities

Spatial cookie puzzle outreach activity in the Urbana Martin Luther King School during the kickoff event of Paper2Tree program in December 2017. Students learned the concepts of spatial sampling, inference, etc. During this event, we also planted a tree for our paper “Dynamic Sampling Design for Characterizing Spatiotemporal Processes in Manufacturing” in Douglass Park in Champaign, IL. Intro slides are available for download!


“pixy” activity during the GAMES (Girls’ Adventures in Mathematics, Engineering, and Science) camps in June 2017. Students used computer vision to measure the color distribution in Rubik’s Cubes.