Yuquan has defended his doctoral dissertation successfully

Yuquan Meng has successfully defended his doctoral dissertation titled “Physics-Informed Machine Learning for Smart Decision-Making in Ultrasonic Metal Welding.” The defense was conducted before an esteemed Examination Committee consisting of Prof. Chenhui Shao, Prof. Placid Ferreira, Prof. Srinivasa Salapaka, and Prof. Pingfeng Wang. In his research, Yuquan Meng has made significant contributions to the field […]

New Manufacturing Course Prepares Students for the Big Data Era in Manufacturing

Dr. Chenhui Shao offered a new course in mechanical engineering—ME 498 Manufacturing Data and Quality Systems—to prepare students for the Big Data era in manufacturing. The course structure introduces students to industrial environments, and its content prepares students for the future of the manufacturing industry. Most current manufacturing courses are more or less outdated, and […]