Yuhang Will Start His Internship at Facebook

Yuhang has received and accepted an internship offer from Facebook in this coming summer. He will work with the “Probability” team to conduct engineering projects and cutting-edge research in the fields of machine learning, Bayesian statistics, and stochastic optimization and build the next generation of machine learning systems behind Facebook’s products that can scale through […]

Welcome Shichen and Kuan-Chieh

We are pleased to announce that Shichen and Kuan-Chieh join our ADM Lab this semester. Shichen Li is an M.S student in the Department of Mechanical Science and Engineering at UIUC. She received her B.S. Degree in Aerospace Engineering from Beihang University in 2019. Her research interests include data science, machine learning, and their applications […]

Yuhang’s Work on Hierarchical Measurement Strategy Published in Journal of Manufacturing Systems

High-resolution spatiotemporal data is crucial for characterizing, modeling, and monitoring the space-time dynamics of complex systems in manufacturing. However, the acquisition of such data is generally expensive and time-consuming. Spatiotemporal interpolation aims to predict the values at unmeasured locations using measured data, and emerges as a promising solution to cost-effectively characterizing spatiotemporal processes. Since the […]

Kick-off of a new DOE project

The project “A Multi-Scale Computational Platform for Predictive Modeling of Corrosion in Al-steel Joints,” funded by the Vehicle Technologies Office of U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), started recently.  We are working in collaboration with researchers from the University of Michigan, the University of Georgia, Pennsylvania State University, General Motors, Optimal Process Technologies, and Livermore Software Technology […]

Project on Quantitative Non-Destructive Evaluation Funded by the REMADE Institute

The project “Quantitative Non-Destructive Evaluation of Fatigue Damage Based on Multi-Sensor Fusion,” funded by the Reducing EMbodied-Energy And Decreasing Emissions (REMADE) Institute, is starting soon. We will work with Professor Katie Matlack from UIUC and Prof. Professor Jingjing Li from Penn State to develop an innovative non-destructive evaluation (NDE) methodology for the quantification and prognostics […]

Kai, Zheng, and Hao’s Work on Rail Profile Design Published in Journal of Rail and Rapid Transit

High-speed electric multiple units have numerous advantages. However, a number of critical maintenance issues arise in the operation of high-speed electric multiple units. The previous researches about rail profile design usually take only a single type of wheel profile into account, which would cause some other problems such as severe increase of hollow wear on […]

RA/TA Positions Available to Graduate Students

ADM Lab currently has two openings for Ph.D. students. Full scholarships (RA or TA) will be provided. Working on both fundamental methodologies and application-oriented research related to the automation and intelligence of manufacturing, our members are multi-skilled (modeling, simulation, data analytics, hardware, experiment, etc.) We are very proud of our accomplishments over the years as […]

Undergraduate Research Assistant Positions Available

UPDATE: The positions have been filled. Thank you for your attention. If you are still interested in our research, you can consider taking Prof. Shao’s ME 498 “Manufacturing Data and Quality Systems” offered in Fall 2019. ADM Lab is seeking self-motivated undergraduate research assistants to conduct research for a project related to ultrasonic metal welding for […]

New Manufacturing Course Prepares Students for the Big Data Era in Manufacturing

Dr. Chenhui Shao offered a new course in mechanical engineering—ME 498 Manufacturing Data and Quality Systems—to prepare students for the Big Data era in manufacturing. The course structure introduces students to industrial environments, and its content prepares students for the future of the manufacturing industry. Most current manufacturing courses are more or less outdated, and […]