Papers published at MSEC 2023 and NAMRC 51 conferences

Our PhD students Kuan-Chieh, Zhiqiao, and Manan published papers and present their research at MSEC 2023 & NAMRC 51 at Rutgers University this summer. Kuan-Chieh’s paper titled “Online Cost-Effective Classification of Mixed Tool and Material Conditions in Ultrasonic Metal Welding: Towards Integrated Monitoring and Control” has been published at MSEC 2023. Ultrasonic metal welding (UMW) […]

Kuan-Chieh will start his internship at Intel this summer

Kuan-Chieh will start an internship position at Intel in summer 2023. He will work with the Logic Technology Development Group to analyze epitaxially grown films and develop an AI algorithm to predict the quality based on process conditions. His Ph.D. research focuses on data efficiency in manufacturing quality monitoring and real-time parameter adjustment for disturbance […]