Shichen, Sixian, and Alice Launching Their Internships at Meta, Wayfair, and TSMC This Summer

Shichen will begin an internship position as a Software Engineer in Machine Learning at Meta in Summer 2024. She will utilize advanced machine learning methods to conduct feature engineering and improve the content click-through rate for Facebook apps.

Sixian will start a summer internship as a Machine Learning Scientist (PhD) at Wayfair in Boston. She will implement components of a Generative AI framework to accelerate image tag prediction. Her Ph.D. research focuses on machine learning and data-driven modeling in manufacturing applications.

Alice has accepted an internship offer from Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) for Summer 2024, where she will work as an Advanced Metrology R&D Engineer. She will contribute to TSMC’s global R&D headquarters and collaborate with scientists and engineers using her Machine Learning expertise to advance tools and module development for cutting-edge semiconductor manufacturing. Her Ph.D. research, which concentrates on harnessing 3D point clouds using deep learning for manufacturing applications, along with her recent work in deep learning for 3D data analysis, has prepared her for this position.