RA/TA Positions Available to Graduate Students

ADM Lab currently has two openings for Ph.D. students. Full scholarships (RA or TA) will be provided. Working on both fundamental methodologies and application-oriented research related to the automation and intelligence of manufacturing, our members are multi-skilled (modeling, simulation, data analytics, hardware, experiment, etc.) We are very proud of our accomplishments over the years as a young group, and seek self-motivated graduate students to join our family and to build and develop our ideas and tradition together.

Students with a solid background and strong enthusiasm in the areas (some but not necessarily all) of

  1. Material science (especially metallography)
  2. Manufacturing and industrial engineering
  3. Control and automation science
  4. Data analytics, machine learning, and statistics

are encouraged to apply. Research experiences in related fields are preferred. Admissions will be decided by the Departmental Admissions Committee, but applicants are welcome to discuss with Prof. Shao about the positions.

Interested applicants please send your CV and transcript to Prof. Shao at chshao (at) illinois (dot) edu. International applicants please also provide your GRE and TOEFL scores. A score of 24 or higher for speaking of TOEFL is required in order to be considered for a TA position.